In 2010 our foundation was established to support young adult orphans and handicap children. We are situated in the western part of Ukraine in a town called Vynohradiv, Transcarpathia. Our aim is to give hope and care to the young adults and children who use our facilities and give them the best possible opportunity to develop themselves. We would also like to teach them to love and care about nature and the environment. In the last 14 years we have been co-ordinators for World Servants a Dutch Christian organisation working in different parts of Transcarpathia. We took part in renovations of kindergartens, schools, orphanages and therapy centres.

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Our goals

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. (Tony Robbins)

All experiences during our life, all what we go through, positive or negative
have formed us, it is collected in our hearts. In the last few years we have met
many wonderful people from other countries and many local people who have
had a huge effect on us. We have many blessings in our life and we feel that it
is time to share the love, the care, the fun and the joy.

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Our plans

Inside menage

There is a large building next to our farm, it is empty since many years. Such a building is perfect for an inside menage. Unfortunately it is in very bad condition. We would like to renovate it. The windows must be changed, the walls looks terrible, need to be painted, intsall electricity. In summer time we are riding in hot weather on the sun in winter it is cold and wet, we are struggling with mud. In the inside menage we can ride independently from weather conditions and the part of the day. In winter it is getting dark very early. Parents are working long and they can’t bring their kids until it is light. Without windows the wind is blowing into the building and it is very uncomfortable.  With your help we can make a wonderful place out of this old building for the children. 

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Our results

Our foundation was registered in 16th February, 2010. With our name” Stand by
Us”. Handicap children and young adult orphans are asking you to support them.
In 2010 we had supported 300 handicap children in our institution. Kids were
coming to us for massage and physiotherapy. Unfortunately we had to stop our
work but we didn’t stop caring about children. Our foundation supported several

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