Our plans

Inside menage

There is a large building next to our farm, it is empty since many years. Such a building is perfect for an inside menage. Unfortunately it is in very bad condition. We would like to renovate it. The windows must be changed, the walls looks terrible, need to be painted, intsall electricity. In summer time we are riding in hot weather on the sun in winter it is cold and wet, we are struggling with mud. In the inside menage we can ride independently from weather conditions and the part of the day. In winter it is getting dark very early. Parents are working long and they can’t bring their kids until it is light. Without windows the wind is blowing into the building and it is very uncomfortable.  With your help we can make a wonderful place out of this old building for the children. 

Walking paths

After rain we can walk on the territory only in rubber boots. A part of the yard is covered with gravel to prevent mud. It is a temporary solution, not the best one specially if we think about the wheelchairs or chidren who has walking problems. They can easily fall down. We would like to prepare walking pathes which will connect all buildings of the farm, so children even in wheelchair can make an excoursion into the stable or go to the inside menage.

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I really love guests! In the last years I met many interesting people and had great discussions with them. During their trips they had many interesting experiences  and they shared them with us. I would love to create a wonderful uesthouse whioch is not only a hotel but something more. A place where people can really meet with each other, get to know each other and spend valuble time. My dream is a place where we can learn from each other, where we can recharge for the grey everydays. I would like to organize valuble courses, programs, which are not available yet in Transcarpathia. To realize this we will need a large conference room with a beamer, a dining-room, a kitchen, a terrace and some guestrooms.


Kneipp walking path 



Our health is our treasure. If you have it you don’t notice, but when you miss it you do all what you can to recover. The best solution is the prevention, the healthy lifestyle. Kneipp walking path is a wonderful, simple method to make real steps for your health J It makes massage to your feet while you are simply walking. It strengthening the immune system stimulating the reflex zones of the sole.


Fenyő Attila Kemence 001

Without roots there is no life. The lives of our ancestors are still having effects on ourselves.If we look deep inside we can find them. They live with us in our traditions. /We can stand stronger if we charish our roots/- this is a Hungarian saying, maybe you can find an English which express the same. Maybe this is the reason why we are still in Transcarpathia. We could leave the country but we feel important to work Here, in this part of the world, where we have born and our ancestors were living their hard life. Kiln gives me very strong feelings about my nationality about our traditions. We can forward these feelings to the children growing up here, let them continue the local culture, the values we have. During summer camps children can bake their own bread and learn how to prepare scoans or loafs. It is important to teach them to be self supportive and independent.